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University of Washington FLIGHT NURSE, AIRLIFT NORTHWEST, OLYMPIA in Seattle, Washington

Req #: 197968


Posting Date: 10/14/2021

Closing Info: Open Until Filled

Salary: 80% of $5606/mo - $10,284/mo DOE plus applicable diffs. & premiums

Limited Recruitment: Other

Limited Recruitment Other: Open to current ALNW RNs only

Shift: Alternate Work Shift

Airlift Northwest has an opening for a Flight Nurse, RN2, Olympia Base (80% FTE). This position is only open to current ALNW RNs to apply to. The Flight Nurse is accountable for the completion of all Airlift Northwest work assignments. They are responsible for the safety of patients prior to and during transport to medical care facilities. This includes provision of basic, as well as advanced life support measures required to stabilize the critically ill or injured patient. The position requires proficiency in the care of critically ill and injured patient across the age spectrum from newborn to the geriatric population and knowledge of the adaptations necessary for patient management in the aircraft and during flight. The Flight Nurse must also be familiar with aircraft operating procedures and safety practices. The ability to establish positive interpersonal and professional relationships are essential. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Safety is the flight nurse’s first priority. As such, you must comply with all published safety policies and procedures. If you observe an unsafe practice or condition in any aspect of organization, you must initiate reporting and resolution of the issue. This may include submission of safety concern forms to ALNW safety committee. 2. Will actively and positively participate in shift briefings, cabin checklists, debriefings and other procedures. 3. Acquires extensive working knowledge of policies, procedures and protocols related to the Airlift Northwest program. 4. Acquire and maintain strong knowledge base in critical care practice. 5. The Flight Nurse is accountable to the Chief Flight Nurse for adherence to written standards care and ALNW policies and procedures. 6. The Flight Nurse must be able to stabilize and manage patients involved in air transport from interfacility ICU transports, as well as the management of specific air medical problems in flight. 7. The Flight Nurse is expected to have knowledge of applicable sections of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations. 8. Selects and prepares special equipment for transport according to patient needs and aircraft used. Is responsible for checking bags, equipment and aircraft prior to departure. 9. Prepares aircraft environment for anticipated patient needs on the outbound trip: a. Oxygen therapy, 2) equipment for airway management, 3) IV fluids, 4) specific medications and 5) other required treatments. 10. On arrival at referring site, introduces transport personnel, assists with and directs stabilization procedures and preparation of the patient for flight. 11. Consults with appropriate medical control. Compiles necessary documents and data to be transported with patient. 12. In-flight, is responsible for delivery of total patient care. The Flight Nurse continually monitors patient status in coordination with another flight nurse, and intervenes as necessary. The Flight Nurse maintains electronic and written records of patient condition and care provided according to established standards and guidelines. 13. The Flight Nurse assists in additional patient care as required on arrival to the receiving hospital. All records and reports are transferred to receiving personnel. 14. After transfer of the patient is complete, the Flight Nurse is responsible for restocking flight bags and aircraft. Equipment must be cleaned and maintained so that it is ready for the next flights. Any problems with equipment, patient management or other agency personnel will be immediately reported to the Airlift Administrator on Call and/ or the Medical Director as appropriate. 15. Completes flight records, computer charting, and airway documentation tracking and other quality improvement projects and data collection as required. 16. Participates in any debriefing meeting with Medical Director, Chief Flight Nurse, Nurse Managers and other staff as appropriate when requested. 17. Attends no less than ½ of the scheduled flight team meetings per year. Is responsible for the information provided in the minutes and educational content of the flight nurse staff meetings. 18. Must maintain currency in all required licensure, certifications, professional certifications, education, skills training and clinical rotations. 19. Participates in teaching and training of orientees. 20. Participates in public education programs and public relations functions. 21. Is responsible for a positive public image of Airlift Northwest at all times while on duty. 22. Develops proficiency in the use of radios and giving short reports. 23. Will uphold all Airlift Northwest policies and procedures related to 24. Compliance, HIPPA and all applicable federal, state and/or local laws and regulations. Other duties as required. 25. Recognition of small work pool assets and extra shift coverage may be requested to ensure aircraft staffing at a variety of bases COMMENT: Extensive training of required skills, altitude and flight physiology and stabilization standards will be provided. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: 1. Seasonal exposure to extreme cold and heat. Frequent temperature changes from outside to inside. 2. Exposure to noise and vibrations during flight. 3. Exposure to hypoxia during flight. 4. Exposure to high-ionized radiation during flight. 5. Possible exposure to toxic/caustic chemicals during transport of patients who have been exposed 6. Possible exposure to dehydration, motion sickness, gas expansion, sudden decompression during flight. 7. Possible exposure to undiagnosed communicable disease. REQUIREMENTS: This is only open to current Airlift Northwest employees. 1. B.S.N. preferred. 2. Five years’ experience in a critical care Emergency department and/or specialty care area with preference given to a combination of pediatric/adult experience. 3. Patient transport experience preferred. 4. Current license in Washington. 5. Excellent physical health with full use of all extremities and no lifting limitations. 6. No vision limitations or hearing deficit. The Flight Nurse must also be in excellent mental health with the ability to cope with extreme emotional and physical stress. 7. (Appropriate weight for height scale, which is attached). 8. Adherence to Airlift Northwest dress code. 9. Adherence to all Airlift Northwest policies and procedures. 10. Must be available on-call and as scheduled for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. May be required to travel greater than 50 miles to assigned base. 11. Airlift Northwest is a dynamic flight program which may, in the future, choose to position/move aircraft to distant locations. 12. Must be able to respond to Boeing Field International within 30 minutes from time of page to take flight at all times while if on fixed-wing call. 13. Refrain from drug/alcohol use 12 hours prior to and during all on-call assignments. 14. Pre-employment physical required. Must meet the requirements of the Airlift Northwest Physical Job Description. 15. Special Skills: advanced clinical assessment, prioritizing and stabilization skills. Ability to communicate well and promote positive interpersonal relationships with patients, families, health care and aviation professionals. 16. Desire to promote and maintain favorable public opinion of the flight program. 17. Two year commitment to the Airlift Northwest flight program. 18. A current passport is a prerequisite to hiring. Must have passport available during all shifts. Must carry passport on all transports. 19. ACLS required, TNCC, ATLS, PALS and NRP are preferred (ATLS or equivalent training will be provided in the first year of hire 20. Professional certification (CCRN/CEN/CFRN etc.,) required pre-employment. 21. Will obtain CFRN within 1 year of employment

University of Washington is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to, among other things, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.