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Job ID: NUR00PD2

Job Description

Position: RN/Staffing Response Team Level 2

Location: UNC Rex Health Care

Hours: Variable, Per Diem

The essential duties and responsibilities of a RN for the Staffing Response Team Level 2 includes:

-Maintaining an environment of safety for patients, self and others

-Correctly using the Positive Patient Identification Devices (PPID), responding promptly to all alarms, following fall prevention and skin care protocols, and appropriately utilizing safe patient handling equipment

-Assessing the patient's condition, including their biophysical, psychosocial and age specific needs

-Completing patient assessments in a timely and holistic approach, reviewing all of the diagnostic data and responding to it appropriately

-Documenting the patient's assessment, any care provided and the patient's response to the care

-Initiating consults, serving as an advocate to meet the patient's needs, and ordering the appropriate tasks in RCARE

-Collaborating with other health care team members to develop an individualized plan of care, ensuring to utilize the nursing and medical diagnosis, and initiating this plan of care upon admission on the assigned patient

-Evaluating the patient's status, nursing instructions, appropriateness of the nursing plan of care and outcomes of the care provided, and updating and resolving the plan of care as needed

-Recognizing subtle patient changes, informing physicians of any changes and utilizing the appropriate resources

-Clarifying medication orders prior to the end of shift, administering the medications using two identifiers such as the patient's name and medical record number, verifying high alert medications by a second nurse prior to administration and explaining medications to the patient such as the name of the medications, its actions and its side effects prior to administration

-Initiating a patient education plan according to the individualized needs of the patient, as prescribed by the physician and/or hospital procedure, including patient and family instructions and discharge planning, and documenting any instruction and education given to the patient and their family

-Maintaining a calm manner, working effectively at all times and implementing nursing interventions to prevent any complications

-Demonstrating professionalism, commitment to the patient, and accountability and responsibility for individual nursing practices

-Assuring that delegated tasks are completed and assuring that any tasks delegated to others are documented correctly

-Providing all reports in a thorough and concise manner and utilizing the SBAR format

-Attending and completing all mandatory education

-Maintaining awareness of and following all Rex policies, procedures and protocols

-Recognizing, supporting, and utilizing evidence based nursing practices and adhering to the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics

Other duties may be assigned.


Candidate is required to have a Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification and be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the state of North Carolina (RN NC LIC).

It is preferred that the candidate have a Bachelor's degree (BSN) from an accredited school of Nursing and have at least one (1) year of current acute care hospital experience in the chosen clinical division.

Primary Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Department: REXH-11190-Staffing Response Team

Shift: Variable