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Vanderbilt University Medical Center Registered Nurse (Allergy Clinic) in Nashville, Tennessee

Vanderbilt Asthma,Sinus, Allergy Program (ASAP) RN


Your Role:

You will apply the nursing process to plan and implement the care of patients, including patient and family education and continuum of care planning. Effectively communicate pertinent patient/family information to the health care team. Collaborate in establishing patient goals and evaluates progress to ensure effective outcomes. Further your professional growth by engaging in learning activities according to the Board of Nursing standards.

The RN position is key to a variety of clinical activities in VASAP. Critical functions include: assessing patients, giving injections, medication refills, obtaining prior authorizations, skin testing, pulmonary function studies, and assisting with procedures.

The candidate would primarily work in Nashville, but would support our additional locations at Franklin, Brentwood, Lebanon, and Gallatin.


Welcome to VanderbiltAsthma, Sinus and Allergy Program (ASAP)

Weare the first multi-specialty program in the country dedicated to treating airwaydiseases. If you have asthma, allergy or sinus problems, we offer total care including testing, treatment, resolution and management — all under one roof.

If you need relief from allergy, sinus or asthma issues, we can help you feel better fast. Vanderbilt is the first multi-specialty program in the country dedicated to the evaluation, treatment, and management of airway diseases. Patients have access to a total care system that encompasses evaluation, treatment, resolution, and management.

Allergy Relief at

Allergies can prevent you from enjoying food, nature and pets. They can also make it hard to use many household products. We offer complete care to help you manage your allergies.

Sinus Relief at

Sinus issues can cause trouble breathing, headaches or swelling in your face. We can help you find sinus relief.

Asthma Relief at

Uncontrolled asthma can prevent you from being active and enjoying life. We can test, diagnose and treat your asthma, often in just one visit.


This position is Monday – Friday ; DAYS.

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Discover VanderbiltUniversity Medical Center:

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, and operating at a global crossroads of teaching, discovery and patient care, VUMC is a community of individuals who come to work each day with the simple aim of changing the world. It is a place where your expertise will be valued, your knowledge expanded, and your abilities challenged. It is a place where your diversity — of culture, thinking, learning and leading — is sought and celebrated. It is a place where employees know they are part of something that is bigger than themselves, take exceptional pride in their work and never settle for what was good enough yesterday. Vanderbilt’s mission is to advance health and wellness through preeminent programs in patient care, education, and research.

Our Nursing Philosophy:

We believe highly skilled and specialized nursing care is essential to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s mission of quality in patient care, education and research. We believe nursing is an applied art and science focused on helping people, families and communities reach excellent health and well-being.

Achieve the Remarkable:

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  • Collaboratesin establishing the plan of care, coordinates and implements care deliverywhile anticipating patient care needs across the continuum.

  • Analyzescomprehensive information pertinent to the patient's care and managementto determine nursing diagnosis.

  • Continuallyutilizes the nursing process to evaluate patient's progress towards goalsand applies appropriate interventions to ensure effective outcomes.

  • Employsstrategies to promote health and a safe and healthy environment.

  • Theresponsibilities listed are a general overview of the position andadditional duties may be assigned.


    NURSING PATIENT ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION (NOVICE): - Possesses sufficient fundamental proficiency to successfully demonstrate the ability to assess and evaluate patients in practical applications of moderate difficulty. Conducts primary care patient interviews and physical examinations. Demonstrates sufficient acumen to recognize problems, ask questions and to contact the patient's primary care provider and other members of the healthcare team. Has experience in gathering pertinent clinical data that aid in referral, treatment, or other primary care pathways.

    CARE PLANNING (NOVICE): - Demonstrates ability to anticipate resource needs, identify distinct tasks, set priorities, schedule activities, meet deadlines, and organize work within areas of direct responsibility. Competently handles multiple assignments often simultaneously by prioritizing work into manageable and measurable units. Ability to adapt to changes to patient care and area needs with minimal disruption and loss of productivity. Follows up to assure problems and issues are resolved.

    NURSING PATIENT EDUCATION (NOVICE): - Possesses sufficient fundamental proficiency in providing patient education in practical applications of moderate difficulty.

    EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE (NOVICE): - Possesses sufficient fundamental proficiency to successfully search for evidence to answer clinical questions. Generally works under the direction of others while accomplishing assignments.


  • OrganizationalImpact: Executes job responsibilities with the understanding of how outputwould affect and impact other areas related to own job area/team withoccasional guidance.

  • ProblemSolving/ Complexity of work: Analyzes moderately complex problems usingtechnical experience and judgment.

  • Breadthof Knowledge: Has expanded knowledge gained through experience within aprofessional area.

  • TeamInteraction: Provides informal guidance and support to team members.



  • -Develops Self and Others: Invests time, energy and enthusiasm indeveloping self/others to help improve performance and gain knowledge innew areas.

  • -Builds and Maintains Relationships: Maintains regular contact with keycolleagues and stakeholders using formal and informal opportunities toexpand and strengthen relationships.

  • -Communicates Effectively: Recognizes group interactions and modifies one'sown communication style to suit different situations and audiences.


  • -Serves Others with Compassion: Seeks to understand current and futureneeds of relevant stakeholders and customizes services to better addressthem.

  • -Solves Complex Problems: Approaches problems from different angles;Identifies new possibilities to interpret opportunities and develop concretesolutions.

  • -Offers Meaningful Advice and Support: Provides ongoing support andcoaching in a constructive manner to increase employees' effectiveness.


  • -Performs Excellent Work: Engages regularly in formal and informal dialogueabout quality; directly addresses quality issues promptly.

  • -Ensures Continuous Improvement: Applies various learning experiences bylooking beyond symptoms to uncover underlying causes of problems andidentifies ways to resolve them.

  • -Fulfills Safety and Regulatory Requirements: Understands all aspects ofproviding a safe environment and performs routine safety checks to preventsafety hazards from occurring.


  • -Demonstrates Accountability: Demonstrates a sense of ownership, focusingon and driving critical issues to closure.

  • -Stewards Organizational Resources: Applies understanding of thedepartmental work to effectively manage resources for a department/area.

  • -Makes Data Driven Decisions: Demonstrates strong understanding of theinformation or data to identify and elevate opportunities.


  • -Generates New Ideas: Proactively identifies new ideas/opportunities frommultiple sources or methods to improve processes beyond conventionalapproaches.

Graduate of an approved discipline specific program (or equivalent experience) and 1 year relevant experience.

Preferred Education,Skills, and Education:

· Graduate of an approved Nursing Program (BSN preferred)

· Active Tennessee RN license

· 6 months of RN experience

· Allergy / Sinus / Asthma / ENT nursing experience desired

· Infusion nursing experience highly desired

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

  • Registered Nurse Required

Physical Requirements/Strengths needed & Physical Demands:

  • Heavy Work category requiring exertion of 50 to 100 lbs. of force occasionally and/or up to 20 to 50 lbs. of force frequently and/or up to 10 to 20 lbs. of force continually to move objects.


  • Occasional: Sitting: Remaining in seated position

  • Occasional: Lifting over 35 lbs: Raising and lowering objects from one level to another, includes upward pulling over 35 lbs, with help of coworkers or assistive device

  • Occasional: Carrying under 35 lbs: Transporting an object holding in hands, arms or shoulders, with help of coworkers or assistive device.

  • Occasional: Bending/Stooping: Trunk bending downward and forward by bending spine at waist requiring full use of lower extremities and back muscles

  • Occasional: Climbing: Ascending or descending stairs/ramps using feet and legs and/or hands and arms.

  • Occasional: Kneeling:Bending legs at knees to come to rest on knee or knees.

  • Occasional: Crouching/Squatting: Bending body downward and forward by bending legs and spine.Reaching above shoulders: Extending arms in any direction above shoulders.

  • Occasional: Reaching above shoulders: Extending arms in any direction above shoulders.

  • Frequent: Standing: Remaining on one's feet without moving.

  • Frequent: Walking: Moving about on foot.

  • Frequent: Lifting under 35 lbs: Raising and lowering objects under 35 lbs from one level to another

  • Frequent: Push/Pull: Exerting force to move objects away from or toward.

  • Frequent: Balancing: Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing, crouching or maneuvering self, patient and equipment simultaneously while working in large and small spaces

  • Frequent: Reaching below shoulders: Extending arms in any direction below shoulders.

  • Frequent: Handling: Seizing, holding, grasping, turning or otherwise working with hand or hands.

  • Frequent: Fingering: Picking, pinching, gripping, working primarily with fingers requiring fine manipulation.

  • Frequent: Bimanual Dexterity: Requiring the use of both hands.


  • Frequent: Communication: Expressing or exchanging written/verbal/electronic information.

  • Continuous: Auditory: Perceiving the variances of sounds, tones and pitches and able to focus on single source of auditory information

  • Continuous: Vision: Clarity of near vision at 20 inches or less and far vision at 20 feet or more with depth perception, peripheral vision, color vision.

  • Continuous: Smell: Ability to detect and identify odors.

  • Continuous: Feeling: Ability to perceive size, shape, temperature, texture by touch with fingertips.

Environmental Conditions

  • Occasional: Chemicals and Gasses: Medications, cleaning chemicals, oxygen, other medical gases used in work area.

  • Frequent: Pathogens: Risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other contagious illnesses.

Job Registered Nurse

Organization: ASAP 303210

Title: Registered Nurse (Allergy Clinic)

Location: TN-Nashville-Asthma/Sinus/Allergy Program (ASAP)

Requisition ID: 2009118

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action.