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Science and Technology Corporation Supply Technician/Inventory Specialist in Hampton, Virginia

Science and Technology Corporation (STC) is looking to fill a Supply Technician position supporting the Manufacturing Applications Branch (MAB) at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). We are looking for a highly skilled and motivated individual to perform a lead role in fastener and controlled stores management. This role is a liaison between the government purchasing representative, suppliers, and Materials Analysis and Quality Assurance Lab (MAQAL). Candidate must be detail oriented, possessing a keen ability to interpret and follow strict government guidelines contained within government regulations. Job responsibilities evolve as government requirements change in order to meet contract deliverables. Fastener Procurement Representative Duties:Establish and populate spreadsheets for tracking orders from award to delivery at NASA LaRC.Communicate closely with projects in the procurement process to facilitate order processing.Manage fastener orders arriving at NASA receiving department. Verify lot traceability, proper documentation and quantities. Work directly with vendors to make corrections to orders as needed.Compile and store all fastener documentation, including P-Card order log or NSSC Award and complete LF290 for MAQAL inspection.Transfer fastener orders from receiving to MAQAL. When inspection failure occurs, work directly with the vendor to rectify documentation, labels or lot traceability issues.Provide updated information to Single Point of Entry (SPOE) and in project specific meetings regarding order status.Role requires both oral and written communication skills for reporting out current status of fasteners during project meetings.Candidate must be flexible to dynamic shifts in responsibility as shifts in government processes occur.Controlled Storage Monitor Duties:Ensure proper storage of flight hardware in controlled storage.Ensure all quantities of fasteners and machined hardware are correct in the controlled stores item log. Ensure log is up to date when items are pulled/received out/in stores.Coordinate with projects to remove extra flight hardware and return items to the BOSS system.Governing Documents for Compliance:Ensure STC and MAB compliance to NASA guidelines:Langley Policy Directive 4520.1G Langley Research Center Requirements for Safety Critical Products.Langley Policy Directive 5330.3G Standards for the Acquisition and use of threaded Fasteners.NASA-STD-6008 NASA Fastener Procurement, Receiving Inspection, and Storage Practices for Spaceflight Hardware.Qualifications:Associate Degree required with 2 to 4 years of experiencsProficient with Microsoft 365 applications, especially Outlook and Excel.Candidate must be a self-starter, able to work independently and in group settings.Able to multi-task, set priorities to ensure customer and project deliverables are met.Valid VA drivers license.EOE/M/F/Disability/Vet