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Springfield Restaurant Group Dishwasher in Butler, Pennsylvania

Summary of Position: A Dishwasher provides guests and employees with clean and sanitized utensils, china, glassware and equipment. They keep the dish room and equipment clean and organized and distribute the clean items after they have been processed. Duties and Responsibilities: *Ensures that all tableware, kitchen equipment and supplies (i.e. silverware, china, glasses, pots, pans etc.) are clean and available when needed by guests and employees. *Sets up and breaks down dish machine. *Loads, runs and unloads dish machine. *Monitors dish machine water temperature to ensure sanitary wash cycle. *Maintain adequate levels of dish detergents and cleaning supplies. *Maintains daily cleanliness and maintenance of dish machine. *Handles china with care and does not throw away silverware or equipment. *Sets up and empties linen bags. *Lines and empties garbage cans. *Hauls dish room trash to dumpster when cans are full. *Sweeps and mops kitchen floors. *Keeps walls and ceiling clean. *Trouble-shoots dishwasher malfunctions. *Performs all duties in a timely, effective manner in accordance with the SRG company policies. *Keeps supervisor informed of any unusual matters. *Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other employees. *Attends all scheduled employee meetings and brings suggestions for improvement. *Must be able to pass all job related tests. *Must be able to work in a hot, wet and humid environment for long periods of time. *Meets SRG dress standards. *Be able to lift, reach, bend and stoop. *Must be able to immerse hands in water and dish chemicals. *Must be able to lift garbage bags, cases and stacks weighing up to 60 pounds. *Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time. *Must be able to communicate clearly with managers and serving staff.